Salima's Basket weaving workshop

Basket – weaving is an ancient art, the revival of which offers us a balancing process for the unrelenting speed of today’s culture.

Salima's weaving workshop is a creative process using natural materials, including palm branches twigs and natural sprigs, mainly from "SHIVAT HAMINIM".

Sima  Oren (Salima), an Artist and a teacher, believes that there is a hidden artist in every person and weaving a basket is an excellent means for expressing this hidden talent.

The name "Salima Studio" is a play on words, as "Salim" in Hebrew means baskets and "Salam" in Arabic means peace – and Sima do believe that peace begins with each and every one of us.

Salima's workshops weave together her love to Israel, the Holly land, People, Nature & Art and include many stories.

Basket weaving is a wonderful community activity; weaving at the same time is a very personal process, each person creating his or her own unique basket which he will take with him at the end of workshop. Boys love it and every one succeeds!

 The workshops are suitable for children over 6, and for both men and women.




Salima Initiative: "Women Weaving Peace"

Sima Oren, is an artist and mentor for individual, group and community empowerment by weaving from natural materials. She invites you to an extraordinary experience of a weaving workshop with women weaving peace.

The program "women weaving peace" is a social economical initiative from Salima Studio, which began in the Galilee approximately two decades ago and successfully continues throughout the country.

We believe that just like the basket is entwined with a variety of different threads which is made into a useful and unique vessel, so are we as human beings; we have a variety of beliefs, religions and customs, and together we create cooperation and a society that works towards unity and peace.

In the workshop: we will learn the ancient art of basket weaving, which combines a connection to nature, tradition and the community. By creating an individual woven basket from materials from nature, we will discover the artist in each and every one. There is no need to be an artist, everyone succeeds (men also enjoy weaving). The basket is useful and artistic, fits as a pen holder, bottle holder or similar, which the participants take home. The workshop takes place as a unifying and friendly experience that is very empowering as an individual and as a group. The workshops are led by Salima initiative members.